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Euro 2020 – Where is your closest defibrillator?

Author: Tom
Date: 14/06/2021

Euro 2020

Viewers witnessed shocking scenes during Denmark’s Euro 2020 match on Saturday when Danish footballer Christian Eriksen collapsed entering cardiac arrest live on TV.

Along with his team mates and other viewers, Hillside wish him a speedy recovery and praise his team mates and the medical professionals who managed to handle this traumatic situation.

What are the signs of a cardiac arrest?

(According to the British Heart Foundation) A cardiac arrest usually happens without warning. If someone is in cardiac arrest, they collapse suddenly and:

  • Will be unconscious
  • Will be unresponsive and 
  • Won’t be breathing or breathing normally – not breathing normally may mean they’re making gasping noises.

Without immediate treatment or medical attention, the person will die. If you see someone having a cardiac arrest, phone 999 immediately and start CPR.

How is a cardiac arrest treated?

Starting immediate CPR is vital as it keeps blood and oxygen circulating to the brain and around the body. A defibrillator will then deliver a controlled electric shock to try and get the heart beating normally again.

Public access defibrillators are often in locations like train stations and shopping centres. Anyone can use one and you don’t need training to do so.

Have you got access to a defibrillator?

Hillside supply a full range of the best defibrillators on the market

  • Provide CRP training
  • Installation internal or external 
  • 5 year product support

A popular option for businesses wanting to have a defibrillator nearby but without the outlay is to share the cost with other organisations in the nearby area. For example, protective boxes can be installed in shared carparks or stairwells giving 24 hour access in emergencies. (Split invoicing is available upon request)

Call: 01636 707079 to discuss the best options for you.



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