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Manufacturers Calibration Services

Why do I need a manufacturers calibration?

It is imperative that your medical device is providing you with accurate readings. Some medical devices are used day in day out and are often dropped or exposed to different environmental factors. Many insurance policies and warranties require a manufacturer level of calibration.

Why use the manufacturer?

The manufacturer understands every detail of your device having designed and produced it. This means the manufacturer is best placed to test the functionality of your device throughout its life. A professional servicing engineer will either fix or recommend fixes that will improve or maintain the hardware, this will ensure you are getting the best accuracy from your device and keeping it going as long as possible.

How often should I use this service?

This is an annual service and should save you money by avoiding any major problems which would otherwise result in replacing the device. Services can take place at anytime throughout the year if you feel the device isn’t performing as it should be.

How do I get it to the manufacturer?

Hillside work in partnership with all the main medical device manufacturers.

Hillside will arrange to collect your device from site using a professional courier. The device will then arrive at our warehouse where it is quarantined and all the relevant checks are done including the administration for the international shipment to the manufacturers laboratory which is usually in mainland Europe or the USA.

What’s tested?

The manufacturer will perform a thorough decontamination of the device followed by the deconstruction, inspection and assessment. A report is produced highlighting any areas which need attention, recommendations are then made. Hillside will liaise with the device owner to establish whether they wish to go ahead and repair it, or scrap the device free of charge.

Upon completion of the work the device is returned to the UK and back to the owner with a full certificate and report.

How much does it cost?

Quoations can be provided to you free of charge as prices vary between manufacturers and are usually device specific. On occastion some repairs may be covered by the original device warrenty. If any additional charges are required in order to get the device working, such as spare parts, this will be communicated back to you to decide whether you wish to go ahead before the repair charge is added to your invoice.

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