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Wound Glue Histoacryl-L 0.5G

Wound Glue Histoacryl-L 0.5G

Product Code: BN1050052

Histoacryl is a tissue adhesive for the closure of smooth, fresh skin wounds. Consisting of monomeric n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylare, Histoacryl polymerises quickly when in contact with tissue fluids.

Blue-dyed and clear versions of Histoacryl are available. The transluscent version (Histoacryl L) is suitable for facial applications.

In addition to the clinical benefits of rapid wound closure, Histoacryl removes the costs associated with local anaesthetics, suture and staple removal and follow-up consultations.


• No pain from suture or staple stitches
• Saves time and costs (no local anaesthetics, no suture/staple removal, no second consultation)
• Antibacterial film protects the wound
• No wound dressing necessary
• Fast wound closure
• Simple and precise dosage due to slim cannula and blue dye
• Showering possible

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