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Stethoscope – Sprague Rappaport – Twin Tube – Purple

Stethoscope – Sprague Rappaport – Twin Tube – Purple

Product Code: TD1-13-308

Sprague Rapport Stethoscope Purple

This is a twin tube stethoscope which has a traditional design. The twin tubes connect the chestpiece to the headframe providing better acoustics to each ear.
The Sprague Rapport is readily furnished with a large and small size diaphragm.


Converting in five different ways. This stethoscope takes the place of all other stethoscopes.

Large Diaphragm: Generally this chestpiece is used to detect heart sounds of low frequency, diastolic and third heat sounds as well as first and second sounds. High pitched murmurs emitting from the heart are also detectable.

Small Diaphragm: This is designed to hear infant heart sounds of a high pitched nature.

Adult Size Bell: To pinpoint low and medium pitched sounds and murmurs.

Medium Size Bell: Concentrates on narrow spots such as between ribs or any other small spaces to detect low and medium pitched sounds or murmurs.

Infant Size Bell: This best suits the examination of infants and small children.

The Sprague Rapport come supplied with three different sized eartips to allow the user to choose the most comfortable. Also supplied are three bell type chestpieces and two spare transparent plastic diaphragms, large and small

Manufacturer Code TD1-13-308

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