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Soft Cast Casting Cape – 10.1cm X 3.6M (Pack Of 10)

Soft Cast Casting Cape – 10.1cm X 3.6M (Pack Of 10)

Product Code: MM82104

A fibreglass casting tape that does not set to a completely rigid state, but remains flexible and soft even when it is completely cured.
3M™ Soft Cast Casting Tape White, 10.1cm x 3.6m / 4” 10 Rolls per Box
• This unique semi-rigid casting tape is ideal for removable casts and combi-casting techniques
• Soft Cast tape enables treatment of patients with a great number of musclo-skeletal conditions
• Can be used in specialist areas such as physiotherapy, podiatry and paediatrics
• Clinician can select the level of stability required at the injury site, whilst allowing the rest of the limb to function as normally as possible
• If clinically acceptable patients can bathe, shower and swim while wearing Soft Cast when used with 3M Polyester Stockinette
• The low profile cast allows patients to wear trainers over lower limb casts
• Eliminates the anxiety of removing the cast with a cast-saw as applications can be removed by unwinding or using scissors
• Available in six colours, Soft Cast provides patient choice and personalisation

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