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Scale – Digital – High Capacity – Marsden

Scale – Digital – High Capacity – Marsden

Product Code: M-420

Key Features
• Capacity: 220kg
• Graduations: 50g<150kg>100g>
• Class III and MDD Approved
• Lightweight, robust, easy to use scale

What is the M-420?

The Marsden M-420 is a lightweight, portable adult floor scale. It’s an easy to use scale, virtually identical to our M-430 Floor Scale, but has a much higher accuracy (50g increments as opposed to 200g). This makes it perfect when a highly accurate weight reading is required.

Why should I choose the M-420 over the M-430?

The M-420 and M-430 are both robust, portable floor scales. They are both Class III Approved and MDD Approved, therefore approved for weighing in a medical environment for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment.

Where they differ is in their accuracy. As you can read here, the accuracy of the scale you use should be determined by what you are using it for. The 200g accuracy of the M-430 is suitable for many applications, however for more serious applications – such as weighing children, or weighing adults for critical treatment, the 50g accuracy of the M-420 will be more appropriate.

The 50g graduations will allow you to get a much clearer picture of changes in patient weight.

Who uses the M-420?

The M-420 is ideal for all hospital wards and departments, with its robust build suitable for constant daily use. Accuracy to 50g means nurses can get high accuracy weight readings for monitoring, treatment and diagnosis purposes. This high accuracy is also essential when weighing diabetic patients, calculating weight for specific antibiotics, for prescribing medication and for weighing children.

What other features does the M-420 have?

The M-420 is covered by the Marsden 4 Year Warranty.

This easy to use floor scale has a non-slip surface, with a robust casing meaning it can withstand years of use. It’s light enough to be portable, too, and an optional carry case is available.

To use the scale, simply tap the surface with your foot and it switches on. The digital weight reading can be reversed, so it can face towards or away from the user. The Hold function means the weight reading stays on the screen even after the patient has stepped off.

The M-420 also has a BMI feature – you can enter the height of the patient, and then, when the scale reads the weight, BMI is automatically calculated.

Bluetooth connectivity is available for this medical weighing scale, meaning weight data can be instantly transferred from the scale to a central patient database, via mobile, tablet or PC. This makes the M-420 ideal for speeding up patient weight data capture, and makes it the perfect professional scale for telehealth initiatives.

The scale is powered by 6x AA batteries for over 100 hours of use (6000 weigh ins).

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