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Pregnancy Test – Strips – Alltest (Pack Of 25)

Pregnancy Test – Strips – Alltest (Pack Of 25)

Product Code: FHC-U111

Urine pregnancy test strips FHC-U111
25 test strips per vial.
10mIU hCG sensitivity early detection pregnancy test strips
They can detect pregnancy just 8-10 days after ovulation
Product code FHC-U111
Less packaging so environmentally friendly pregnancy test
Quick and easy to use and interpret results
Ideal pregnancy test for GP’s, hospitals, NHS, clinics, and self testing
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How to use the early detection pregnancy test strips

Collect a urine sample in a clean container (it does not need to be sterile , just clean)
Remove the pregnancy test strip from the canister
Replace canister lid
Dip the pregnancy tests strip into the urine sample up to the wavy line for between 5-10 seconds
Remove the pregnancy test strip from the urine sample
Lay the pregnancy test strip on a flat dry surface and note the time
Read the pregnancy test result at 3 minutes
A positive result is shown by two definite pink lines forming in the middle thinner section of the test strip
If the urine hcg level is below the cut off level of the pregnancy test strip only one line will form (the control line)
Discard the early pregnancy test strip immediately after you have read the result and do not be tempted to go back to it later as any result that appears after the read time is invalid.
For reliable results the pregnancy test strips should be used within 3 months of opening pot, and always reseal the pot after you have removed a pregnancy test strip

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