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Monitoring Electrodes Gel Prep Surface

Monitoring Electrodes Gel Prep Surface

Product Code: MM2570

Multi-purpose monitoring electrodes with foam backing and sticky gel are ideally suited for the OR, ER and diagnostic stress testing applications.
• Conveniently packaged in individual strips of ten electrodes for easy use and less waste
• Remains fresh for 30 days out of the bag
• High performance adhesive offers instant adhesion and up to five-day wear with excellent patient skin care and comfort
• Sticky gel delivers excellent trace quality resulting in better patient information
• Smaller size electrode is easier to place, and minimizes skin irritation for better patient comfort
• 2570 with Microreplicated Trace Prep surface, gently prepares skin for optimal trace quality
• 2570 electrode is radiolucent to allow for easy, cost-effective use throughout the hospita
Red Dot™ Monitoring Electrode with Foam Tape and Sticky Gel, Radiolucent Stud, with abrader, 4 cm x 3.5 cm, 1 Each, 10 Each/Strip, 5 Strip/Bag, 20 Bag/Case.

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