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Minor Procedure Light – Gs600 – Mobile Mounted

Minor Procedure Light – Gs600 – Mobile Mounted

Product Code: 44604

Features and Benefits

Three white LEDs for greater intensity
Touchless power controls and adjustable light output.
Disposable sheath available to help reduce the risk of infection due to cross-contamination.
Rugged, ergonomic design allows for improved performance and long-lasting durability
Low cost of ownership due to elimination of bulb replacement and lower energy consumption
Easy to assemble and clean
5 year limited warranty includes both the LED light source and power supply

Physical Characteristics

Reach: 79cm
Luminaire (height / width / depth): 34.5cm / 19.2cm / 8.6cm
Control Box (height / width / depth): 27.5cm / 10.0cm / 8.0cm
Mobile Stand (height / diameter): 61cm / 53cm
Total weight including stand: 7.87kg
Power cord length: 2.5m


Working Distance: 30.5cm to 50cm
Spot Size at Working Distance: 15 cm to 18 cm
Colour Temperature: 5500 K
Light Intensity @ Typical Working Distance: 50,000 lux
LED Life: 50,000 hours
Electrical Input: 100-240 V~ 50 Hz-60 Hz, 0.65 A max
Power Cord: #18 AWG, 3-wire grounded cord set

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