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Magnifying Loupe 2X With 4X Insert. 84Dx191L

Magnifying Loupe 2X With 4X Insert. 84Dx191L

Product Code: 43.3001

AW Magnifying Loupe 84mm Dia x 191mm Length (43.3001)
Full range of hand held magnifiers which can be used to assist in
determining dermatological disorders.
• Circular magnifiers give excellent image in 3 sizes, with bifocal lenses
• Magnifier with neck straps allow a wider field of view and is more convenient to use
• Illuminated magnifiers light the dermatological field, where an examination lamp is not available or for a further enhanced image
• Compact magnifiers give high magnification up to 15x
• All units are also useful when reading fine print and to improve overall vision
• 12 month warranty
• Hand held Magnifying loupe 2x with 4x insert. 84mm dia x 191mm length

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