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Examination Light – El3 – Wall Mounted

Examination Light – El3 – Wall Mounted

Product Code: J-008.27.011

EL3 LED Examination Light with Wall Mount

The new HEINE EL3 LED gives users the benefit of HEINE Quality in three areas: Performance, Function and Durability

Bright Light – The EL3 emits bright illumination, >42,000 lux (>350 lumen), eliminating shadows at the point of interest when used at the recommended, 30cm, working distance.

High-Quality LED – With a colour temperature of 5,000K, >90/100 Colour Redering Index (CRI) and >80/100 R9 red colour special index, the EL3 enables greatly improved accuracy in patient diagnosis by giving practitioners true tissue colour in patient examination.

Shadow-Free Illumination – A compact ( ~60mm Diameter ) illumination head allows practitioners to easily and precisely manoeuvre the EL3 and provide the best possible lighting in order to eliminate unwanted shadows.

Maintenance-free and Easy-to-Clean – Thermal management technology means the Cool-Touch closed illumination head stays cool and is safe and easy to clean.

Flexible and easy to Adjust – With a lightweight head and stable yet flexible neck, the HEINE EL3 is easy to position soas to provide the best possible lighting to the point of interest.

Mounting Options – The EL3 is available with 3 mounting options:

Wall Mounting
Table-Top Mounting
Wheeled Stand

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