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Welch Allyn ECG – PC-Based – AM12 With Interpretation

Welch Allyn ECG – PC-Based – AM12 With Interpretation

Product Code: CPR-AM-UI-EB-D
  • Use the CardioPerfect WorkStation ECG with a single computer  or enterprise-wide network—with or without an EMR
  • Help improve patient care by overlaying previous ECG exams  to spot differences between test results
  • Improve exam efficiency with an on-screen, 4×3 preview  before printing
  • Experience high-quality, reliable readings that can help you eliminate repeat ECGs
  • Quickly review exams with automatic ECG measurements
  • Interpret and edit reports directly on your PC
  • Easily monitor patients with intermittent arrhythmias
  • Use your current printer with programmable report formats that print on standard 8.5″ x11″ paper
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Help enhance your practice’s efficiency with the Welch Allyn PC-Based Resting ECG—part of the CardioPerfect WorkStation suite. Our portable PC-Based solution can help you improve exam accuracy with streamlined access to patient information across your network. Automatically transfer patient data and test results into most EMRs without duplicate steps or the errors commonly associated with manual data entry. Beyond the benefits of a connected workflow, our PC-Based solution also delivers reliable ECG readings to help you eliminate repeat exams and make clinical decisions with confidence.