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Wound Closure Strip 3 X 75Mm (5/Card)

Wound Closure Strip 3 X 75Mm (5/Card)

Product Code: TJ36519064

365 Strips is a range of sterile, hypoallergenic, reinforced, adhesive wound skin closure strips. Suitable for use with superficial cuts and lacerations where wound edges can be approximated. Wound closure strips are associated with better cosmetic outcomes and reduced scarring.

365 Strips are easy to apply and remove, and adhere well to difficult to dress areas and bony prominences.

To apply…
1. Cleanse the wound and ensure the surrounding skin is clean, dry and free from soaps, creams and oils.
2. Open sterile pouch, remove strip from card using sterile forceps or gloved hand.
3. Place the first strip centrally to align the wound, 90 degrees to the wound direction. Fixate the strip across the wound and apply gentle pressure to ensure adhesion.
4. Apply the strips approximately 3 mm apart for the length of the wound.
5. For additional security two secondary anchor strips can be placed parallel to the wound to anchor the primary strips in position.

To remove…
1. Where additional anchor strips have been used remove these first. Gently lift the end of strips. Pull back strips slowly and gently in order to minimise damage to the epidermis. During removal, support the skin with your fingers as the strips are removed from the area directly above the laceration.
2. Clean the wound and surrounding skin.

• Do not stretch or apply 365 Strips with pressure to the wound as blistering may occur as the wound swells.
• If the condition of the wound deteriorates, consult your healthcare professional.
• Do not use if the packaging has been damaged.

• Sterile.
• Single Use.
• Latex Free.
• Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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