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Dressing – Atrauman – 5Cm X 5Cm (Pack Of 10)

Dressing – Atrauman – 5Cm X 5Cm (Pack Of 10)

Product Code: HT499550

Non medicated, polyester mesh dressing for atraumatic wound care.
Pore size 1mm
Prevents granulation tissue from penetrating the dressing
Impregnated with Neutral Triglycerides (Fatty Acids)
Does not contain Vaseline or Paraffin, leaving the wound residue free
Keeps wound edges soft and supple, avoiding contraction of scar tissue
Enhances non-adherent properties minimising pain and trauma on removal
Hydrophobic polyester fibres
Permits the passage of exudate and ai
Pack size: 50 sterile (individually wrapped) dressings

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