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Bulb Keeler 1011-P-7114 Ophthalmoscope 3.6V (Red)

Bulb Keeler 1011-P-7114 Ophthalmoscope 3.6V (Red)

Product Code: W57518

Keeler Replacement Bulbs
A range of replacement bulbs for Keeler otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes.
Deciding on which replacement bulb you require is easy:
• First, remove the old bulb from your Keeler instrument head
• Please make a note of the Keeler product code, which will be located either on the side of the bulb or moulded into the base of the bulb
• Use the product list at the top of this page to cross-reference the Keeler Mfg code with the Williams Medical Supplies code
• Remember: blue base is 2.8v, red base is 3.6v

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